Callaway Golf Clubs Are Defaults of Golf Fans

Callaway golf clubs are defaults equipment of golf fans. Callaway Golf has a full products line of golf equipments as well as related accessories, such as Callaway Irons, Drivers, Fairway Woods and Odyssey Putters. There are other two brands under Callaway besides Odyssey Golf. They are Top-Flite and Ben Hogan. Today more and more people are attracted by this sport, no matter in developed countries or developing countries. With the growth of the popularity of golf, the demand of golf equipments products is gradually increased. In such a good trend, there are a great many of golf manufacturers expand rapidly. Callaway Golf Clubs are one of them, even grows as the world-class brand. Here are the reasons why Callaway is able to make such a great achievement.

Firstly, Ely Callaway, the founder has made great contributions to the development of Callaway Company. From the time when he finished the purchase of Callaway Hickory Stick, he began to search capable and ambitious people who would and could help him to establish a golf stuff brand. Then Richard C. Helmstetter was hired as the chief designer of Callaway golf clubs. Richard C. Helmstetter was also played an important role for Callaway’s success. Callaway Irons and other kinds of Callaway Golf Clubs were unique and playable, which are due to the revolutionary designs. That was one of the factors for the summit of Callaway irons sale.
Secondly, the creation of Big Bertha marked the beginning of the innovation of Callaway Golf Clubs and won the leading rank of clubs all over the world. Callaway drivers began to be made with larger head and stainless steel materials, which was a completely innovations, which was not used before. This made a considerable success. Such drivers were more forgiving and distance-guaranteed than any former golf drivers. This series Callaway golf clubs were named profoundly as Big Bertha, which was referred to the German cannon backs used in WWI and known for its efficiency in long distance shooting. The popularity of Big Bertha series products made Callaway a trustful golf brands. This innovation resulted in increased sales and brought reputation to Callaway. The later-produced drivers, included FT-9 Driver and newest Callaway Razr Hawk Driver are loved by golf fans all the time. Read More…

The Simple Golf Swing

“The traditional golf swing is the reason why golfers fail to improve.”

“It’s also why overall handicap levels have NOT decreased over the past two decades despite improved technology.

The traditional golf swing leaves golfers feeling frustrated and before you’re ever able to get any better you regress to your old bad habits.

This does nothing but waste your time and hard earned money.

And that’s the reason why I spent a year developing this simple swing system.

First and foremost–I created this system for myself. Yup, I was your typical frustrated golfer. I read all the “right” magazines and books, watched numerous training DVDs and took lessons from a golf pro.

Completely frustrated with the lack of results I was seeing, I set out to develop a swing that ANY golfer—regardless of ability or age—can learn quickly and easily.” (author)

The result is…

The Simple Golf Swing System™

I put it all in one system. A system that breaks the swing down into five simple steps every golfer can master in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Why You Should Think about Single Length Golf Clubs

If you spend considerably time all around golfers you have in all probability heard Single Length Golf Clubs talked about, or have witnessed a group standing all around gawking at a set on the driving assortment. I had heard really a bit about them, lots of speak in the club home and driving variety, but the details all seemed a tiny confusing to me. So I determined to conduct my very own investigation and see what I could discover out single length golf clubs, and get the straight scoop on regardless of whether they had been something the starting golfer really should consider getting.


Why are Standard Clubs Various Lengths?

This is the clear question that we all ask when thinking about whether single length golf clubs make sense for us. Ironically, just before the introduction of steel shafts into the sport of golf all clubs have been built the same length. Hickory shafts were the shaft of option through this time period and each and every set of clubs was custom created for every golfer primarily based upon their individual needs, their wrist to floor static measurements. Effectively, as you can picture building clubs in this manner was incredibly time consuming and incredibly high priced, and require that a particular person had measurable wealth to afford a set of hickory shaft clubs.


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Which Clubs Are Much better: Standard or Single Length?

I apologize in advance, but I feel the solution is “it depends”. I you want to find out how to play golf like Tiger Woods, paying for either set of golf clubs will in all probability not deliver this dream. And speaking of Tiger Woods, he appears to play alright with conventional golf clubs. Certain, certain the argument could be manufactured that he would play even better with a set of single length clubs…but no one knows the solution to that argument.

So here goes, if you are joyful with your latest clubs or have played the game for a number of years and are comfortable with the standard incremental shaft lengths I see no cause to switch. It is a small like the most current Driver or Putter that hits the market place. Certain there are functions of the clubs that may well enable boost a golfer’s game, but much more Read More…

Fantastic golf club Maruman Majesty Prestigio FV-R Fairway Wood


Product Description:

Get the most from your golfing skills with this set of Prestigio #3 and #5 men’s woods from Maruman’s Majesty Series. Prestigio woods incorporate a proprietary titanium material in the head called fullerene titanium. This nano-technology lets Maruman designers create a stronger, more precise head that produces increased distance and an optimal trajectory–two key factors for golfers looking to lower their scores.

The club faces, meanwhile, are made of High Modulous Toughest Titanium, a thin, hard-to-deform material that lowers the overall club weight by roughly four percent. Maruman then added a total of 25 grams tungsten weights in three head locations–the toe, the heel inside the sole, and the side of the sole–to optimize each club’s center of gravity. Add all the features together and you have a series of clubs that deliver the ultimate combination of high technology and sterling beauty.


Prestigio woods also employ incredibly lightweight shafts that flex perfectly during the swing, giving you a sharp follow-through and feel. And golfers will love the light-weighted grips, Read More…

Your Guide to Hybrid Golf Clubs

This guide, courtesy of discount golf equipment suppliers, Golfonline, is designed to explain the role of hybrids and help you to choose the right club for you.

Hybrid golf clubs, or utility clubs as they are often referred to as, combine the control of an iron with the forgiveness and loft of a wood. These versatile clubs offer a range of options for challenging shots. With their increased levels of loft and low centre of gravity, they are often useful for long shots and for getting out of the rough. They are also recommended for golfers who struggle to keep the ball airborne once hit.

In recent years, hybrids have become popular with amateur and professional golfers alike. They are becoming an increasingly important part of the modern golfer’s bag.

Hybrid shaft

The length of a hybrid’s shaft, somewhere between that of a wood and an iron, has been designed to offer enhanced control.

Golfers have a choice of either steel or graphite. Heavier steel shafts provide consistency and control, while lighter, graphite shafts help players to generate greater swing speed. Graphite is by far the more popular material, with an estimated 80% of hybrids currently coming in this form. This is due in no small part to the increased levels of versatility that graphite offers. This allows golfers to play with varying levels of flex, in order to suit conditions and their individual playing style.

Hybrid shaft flex

One of the unique features of hybrids is the different degrees of flex that they offer. Generally speaking, the stiffer the shaft, the more speed is needed when hitting the ball. For beginners, however, hybrids with a flexible shaft are recommended as these allow for greater distance. As players progress, they usually move to a stiffer shaft which will offer improved Read More…

Getting to Know Some New Golf Clubs

Getting to Know Some New Golf Clubs
Every year, all the golf clubs manufacturing companies will introduce some new types of clubs which may be evolved from previous types and which of them are totally new design. So here is the difficulty that many golfers will feel hard to distinguish one golf clubs from another. But if all golfers around are using the new type, will you still be unmoved of using the previous issue? The time has just got into 2010, and many companies have published their new golf clubs, right now in this article there will be some golf clubs be introduced to you for your judgment of which is better.

Callaway Golf has recently  developed two new sets of irons in the last few years, the Diablo Edge irons debuting on Jan. 15, 2010, and the Diablo Forged irons, was released on Feb. 15, 2010.
Callaway said that in designing the Diablo Edge irons, it took into account research findings about the location on the clubface where most amateur golfers make contact. And then engineered the Edge irons to have a sweet spot located in that position.
The Diablo Edge irons also feature Callaway’s “Solid Impact Sole,” designed to improve turf interaction and help golfers who catch the ball fat or thin.
The Callaway Diablo Edge irons will have steel shafts. Golfers will have the option of making it a combo set including two Diablo Edge hybrids (graphite shafts) and six irons (steel shafts).

Tour Edge Exotics CB3 Tour Driver
Tour Edge’s Exotics brand includes drivers and fairway woods whose multimaterials are joined using a method known as combo-brazing, a no-weld method of joining materials. No welding, Tour Edge says, means a sounder clubhead that provides improved energy transfer, better feel, and a more pleasing sound.
The Tour Edge Exotics CB3 Tour driver features a one-piece titanium face and crown joined via combo-brazing to a heavy, hyper-steel sole plate. The head is 430cc in volume, slightly smaller than the maxed-out drivers on the market, a design decision aimed at boosting the driver’s workability. Read More…